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Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue is a volunteer SAR group based in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. As one of over 80 SAR groups in BC, we respond to calls from local law enforcement to wilderness and urban searches and rescues. Golden Ears Provincial Park, in our response area, is the location of many of our responses.

Recruiting update
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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Thank you to all those who expressed interest in joining our team. Our application process has concluded and we have chosen a group of people who are now beginning the training process.

If you missed the deadline, or were not selected and wish to try again, please continue to monitor this website or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for future recruiting opportunities.

Practice turns into task
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

On the evening of Wednesday September 11,2013 RMSAR members were planning on having an on-water practice night on Pitt Lake with our two boats and the hovercraft.

As we were preparing to leave the boat launch at Grant Narrows a boat pulled up at the dock and the operator advised us that two of their friends were still out on the lake on a PWC that may have run out of fuel. Our initial plans of doing a bit of area familiarization and navigation were abandoned and we started a search of the lake.

The reporting party was not quite sure of the names of the landmarks on the lake, so we did not have a clear description of the last known position of the overdue craft although there was some indication that it may have been near Goose Island. We decided to focus on that area initially with a high speed search, trying to take advantage of the rapidly failing daylight.

No sign of the PWC was found before night fall, so we switched to focusing on the shorlines. We investigated a few light sources along the western shore of the lake south of Cozen point and spoke to some campers on the beach but found nothing. We then focused our search area onto the eastern shore as the wind was blowing fairly strong and may have pushed anything towards that side of the lake. A few light sources were checked along the Osprey Creek Marine Park area with no success. We then searched southward towards Little Goose Island and the Williams Landing community.

At around this time, the reporting party mentioned that it was possible that the people may have abandoned the PWC and tried to swim to shore, possibly to Goose Island. A quick run over to the island and extensive sweep of the shorline turned up no signs of the people. We returned back to the Williams Landing area and continued south along the eastern shoreline towards Raven Creek. As we were searching the Raven Creek area shoreline, one of our members thought he heard a voice. We shut down the engines and then could clearly hear people calling. It took a few moments to determine that the voices were coming from on the lake rather than the shoreline so we turned around and headed back up the lake.

A short time later we spotted the missing people, still on the PWC drifting down the lake. Both subjects were tired and a bit chilled but otherwise in good shape. We quickly brought them aboard Ridge2 and towed the stricken PWC back to Grant Narrows.

Fortunately the weather was as good as it was. The boaters were definitely not prepared for an unplanned evening on the water. Although they had seen us earlier, there were unable to effectively signal to us and as PWC is so small we were unable to detect it on radar until we were almost within visual range.

New Rescue Vehicle!
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Our sincerest thanks go out to Maple Ridge Chrysler for their recent donation of a new 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 pickup.

This truck will replace our old 1989 Chevy Pickup. The new "Ridge 3" will be our main water rescue truck capable of towing our new rescue boat. It is still to be fully outfitted as an emergency vehicle with a walk-in type storage box.

Injured Hiker in Golden Ears Park
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Received a call from Ridge Meadows RCMP for an injured hiker at Gold Creek lookout. The subject was said to have suffered a back injury - unknown as to the severity or the mechanism of the injury.

On arrival, the story had changed somewhat - our subject was either 35 minutes up the trail or he was 4 hours up the trail! The first would put him at Gold Creek lookout while the second would put him up near Panorama Ridge. We dispatched a hasty team up the West Canyon trail. If the subject was not at Gold Creek, we would have to bring in a helicopter to move teams up to the ridge. If the subject was at Gold Creek lookout and the injuries were severe, we would need to bring in a Helicopter External Transport System (HETS) team to perform a long-line evacuation as the route from the lookout down was not conducive to an easy stretcher carry for someone with a spinal injury.

As it turned out, the hasty team met up with the subject about 500 meters north of Evans Creek. He was upright and walking, albeit a little slowly. He apparently just suffered a back strain from an overweight pack and exertion. The subject refused medical treatment and the hasty team escorted him back to his vehicle.

Overdue Canoeists at Pitt Lake
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Friday, 21 June 2013

On June 21, we received a call from Ridge Meadows RCMP for two overdue canoeists at Grant Narrows. The subjects had rented a canoe at 1030hrs for a day trip and had not returned by 2200hrs. We contacted Coquitlam SAR to start a search up the Widgeon Creek trail while we concentrated on the waterways. We had just contacted Coquitlam when the RCMP called back saying the subjects had just arrived back at Grant Narrows. Task time - 15 minutes!

Medical Evacuation on PItt Lake
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

On June 12, we received a call to respond to a person with a leg injury at the Williams Landing community on Pitt Lake. A team was sent up in our rescue boat, Ridge 2. Upon arrival, they discovered a woman who had taken a fall on a set of stairs resulting in a compound fracture of her lower leg.

The subject was treated at the scene and quickly transported to the Grant Narrows boat launch where she was transferred to the care of BC Ambulance Service personnel.

Although Ridge 2 has been used on several searches since we took possession of it, this was the first time it has seen action for a medical evacuation. The new design worked extremely well, with ample room for the subject, attendants and other team members.

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